søndag 6. mars 2011




Friday we did a photoshoot for our project “Good Lookin’ Mama”. We are working towards an exhibition, and this thing will take us a few years. The photos we did are number four, five and six in the series. The people involved are photographer Karine from K&K Fotoatelier, photographer and pregnant mum being photographed Birthe Barbarella Rosson, and Kristin Bjørntvedt, make up and hair….and mum being photographed. I have been planning this shoot for a month, finding and sewing costumes and outfits, planning decoration, sewing felt-cupcakes for their hair, and baking cupcakes and other decorative cakes to set the whole lavish Marie Antoinette style.

The first shoot was Barbarella in a balloon themed setting, then Kristin in a Charlies Angels/Loveboat/The Dynasty setting, and then…. I had to leave to catch my plane to Oslo. The next shoot they did is the two pregnant women together in a lavish Marie Antoinette setting. Im really really exited to see what K&K developed the idea into, much more interesting than me trying to control the whole thing from the airport. Two photographers and a make up and hair stylist will be quite a good mix to make lavish things happen. It’s good to be able to leave the idea and concept to be developed further in the hands of professionals. I can't wait to see (and publish) the photos!

This weekend I’ve been to Grilldagene in Oslo, an event and seminar directed towards illustrators in Norway. I decided last minute to go, and I’m so happy I did:) Will post about it as soon as I’m able to shorten the text I wrote haha!

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  1. Fine bilder! Ble litt nysgjerrig på grilldagene innlegget ditt som kommer også :-)


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