fredag 11. mars 2011


“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy golden ..extensions.” (Quote from Shrek the Third. Love those films.)


I saw Tangled yesterday.

I guess that after being locked up in a tower most of your life, you are inclined to be a bit strange and suddenly burst into singing. WHY do they do it? Wasn’t John Lasseter executive producer for this film? How could he allow this horrible glitch in the manuscript? Yes, they did have a long sentimental song when Jessie was left for car boot sale in Toy Story 2 when he was the director. But then it was really thought trough and was essential for the film!

In Tangled it just felt that they took a relatively good manuscript and violently forced in some Disneysongs. The dramatic musical thing did work, so why did they have to ruin everyting with those songs? It felt more skitzo than Lazy Town’s “I am a pirate”. (Where it sounds like they took one song and dropped it onto the other. Btw, don’t press the link if you get intestinal pains from bad bad musical work. I thought that if she modulated one more time she would explode.)

But the film made me laugh still, the horse’s animation is just so surpisingly done that it’s worth watching just for this work. The movements look a bit like Pegasus in Hercules, only this team has pulled it even further. And I loved the character design for the two twins hahaaaaaaa! The movie has a really edgy humor, and the animations and matte painting are stunning, it mainly had everything I desire in an animated film. Except that I felt some scenes were a rip off from Shrek, and those silly silly songs did spoil the experience for me.

But still, watch it, you’ll love the lantern scene;)

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