søndag 20. mars 2011


killer klowns gunvor

I’m doing research for “Trøysteboka” which is going to be released in September. I haven’t got all the stories from the authors yet, but since the ones so far have similar main characters, (mum, dad, child..), I want to try to make each story look very different. Last time I worked with “Eventyrboka” I had the same problem, but I solved it by making each setting a unique environment, and base the charcters in a world that was never mentioned in the story. This might seem odd, but there is only so many 8-yr old boy characters you can reinvent yourself with. One of them ended up as a robot, lucky for me the author loved itSmilefjes med åpen munn.

This time I want to make the worlds even more disitinct, and have picked myself some favorites that I hope the editor and authors will love too. If I can make them fit though. I recieved the plot for one of the stories that could fit really well in a circus or clown based world, but maybe when I get the full story this will be a complete mis-match. But then I’ll just save it for something else.

The sketches were made while watching Killer Klowns From Outer Space, a kult-movie with the glorious 80’s fascination with outer space and the future. If you like scary clowns and candy coloured props and settings this film is worth a watch.

Killer Klowns 4 Ævvah

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