søndag 8. mai 2011


I’m giving a talk on Tuesday at KHIB. “Don’t be boring” was the advice I got from a drunk student when I passed by KHIB to say hello to the masterclass’s graduation party last night. Well that sorts it then. Don’t be boring. But I don’t know what’s interesting! Do they want to se work? Do they want to see pictures from my studio? How the blazes do I know if what I’m doing is boring or not? And most importantly: How do you give a talk to your former teachers and old classmates, AND new students at KHIB at the same time trying to both be inventive and interesting?

And then I figured. Ikkje gidd. (Who cares!) I have to try to make a talk that I would have wanted to see. Not that THAT is a recipe for success, but..
I only have 2 min, and here is some pictures of my main focusSmilefjes som blunker







And B-actionmovies from the 80’s.

Then over to this Sunday’s musical illustration: “How the Gods Kill” by Danzig. I realize the 80’s is quite a main source of inspiration for me. The 80’s took tackyness to a whole different level. I love it. (It’s a perfect hungover-Sunday song by the way.)


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  1. B-filmer fra 80-tallet, haha! ;) Temat høres artig og spennende ut, hadde gjerne hørt på! :)


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