søndag 1. mai 2011


imelda may

Yesterday we went to see Imelda May at Bergenfest. Wow. When drawing for my eplashop today I felt like drawing something that conveyed her music and energy for those who are fans of her. But there was no way my hungover head managed to get from sofamode to drawing dancing vivacious ladies. So I’ll just have to try again later. I forgot my watercolours at work too, so I had to colour her dress in photoshop, but I’ll probably use bright pink for it anyhow.


Official video for Inside Out

The text on the image is from “Inside Out”, I really like the lyrics on that one, how she loves her man so much with all his little imperfections, how she just loves him trough and throughSmilefjes 
(The video doesn’t really convey her energy on stage, sad that so many strong components like glamour, red velvet, diamonds and burlesque can look this plain. She needs to get herself a director that can portray her awesomeness.)

Live concert

She has an amazing band with her, they look like they’re having a blast on stage, it’s so laidback but so worked through and such a tight sound. I was just stunned. Plus I have a weakness for the sound of contrabass. *Sigh*Smilefjes

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