mandag 2. mai 2011


A friend of mine sent me this link to a book about embroidery a few hours ago, and yes, I’m definately going to buy it. It looked so tempting, and was high on double espresso’s anyway, that I wanted to do some badass embroidery straight away and found a pair of black trousers and started stitching.

First I drew the image up with pencil. Which was a stupid idea, because it wipes off really easily.

I followed the skull image from the book to a certain point, just changed the eyes into hearts instead, and added some more hearts underneath. After a while I couldn’t be arsed with drawing up the lines again an again, so I did the rest kind of freehand. And did quite a few mistakes, but since this was a quick try-out it doesn’t matterSmilefjes


Tadaaa! Now I’m one and a half hour late for work.

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