onsdag 11. mai 2011



Yesterday I gave a talk about me and my work as an illustrator, at Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum. DRB had arranged “DesignJam” where 10 speakers had been invited to talk for 2 minutes each. The photographer said she didn’t have time to snap photos when I spoke of me being inspired by Schwarzenegger, glam rock and angry rodents, because she was laughing so hard. The kind of feedback I like.

I was in the splendid company of some brilliant peple: the masterstudents and creative friends Åge Peterson and Sunniva Helland, and designer Per Finne and Snøhetta.

The keen students (and many of my former classmates and teachers).


I was on such an andrenaline high just after I’d finishedSmilefjes med åpen munn Happy that it was over, and thrilled that it went so well!

(Thanks to DRB for kind words and handing me pictures to use on my blog.)

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  1. Så gøy! Skulle gjerne vært der og sett DesignJam. For en bra idè :-)


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