søndag 22. mai 2011



First sketch up for the “Ologningan”-creatures.



Last time I illustrated a text from Karl Seglem it contained lots of fantasy creatures that he had given made-up names and I was free to the design as I liked. This time around he has done the same, and it was so good to read his text, I knew almost immediately the visual style and feel of the story. The main charcters are a gnome and some kind of bird that radiates heat, and they live on top of a blue mountain. I want everything on the mountain to be blue, the plants, stones, ground, and small creatures, except from the radiating birds. I have tried to make them look like fireballs or at least very hot. I got the text this friday, so I haven’t had too much time sketching on it yet, the characters might still change significantly. 

I play Final Fantasy from time to time, my favourite being FFIX which I just bought for our PS3. I couldn’t use the the old disks from PS2 anymore, but they just re-released them digitally for PS3 and I was thrilled! When I played a bit in my first break today I realized I had drawn the flame-birds like the fire bomb-fiends from those games. Of course, I don’t know how inventive one can be when it comes to drawing round creatures with flames, but at least mine has a beak. And green legs.Smilefjes som blunker


I’m finishing up all the sketches for the 22 stories for “Trøysteboka” today, and starting the sketches for the cover, endpapers and other small design elements that we need for the book. So, break nr. 2 is over, back to work.Smilefjes

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