tirsdag 24. mai 2011




Yesterday we closed the sketches for 21 short stories for “The Book of Comfort”. What an intense way of working! First I got seven stories to read, then first round with deadline for sketching and storyboarding, and then a week later round 2 with final sketching. Then seven more with the same procedure with intense work for two new weeks, and then the last seven was finished yesterday. There are about 5 or 6 drawings for each story. Now all the sketches and layout for the book are done, time to start making the watercolor and ink originals. What a sense of accomplishment!


Silje Nes, the graphic designer for this book, laid out all the sketches with the stories along the way, so that me and the editor could see what needed to be changed. And also seeing the sketches with the text from the early beginning gave us lots of new ideas to work with.

(Silje is also a musician, so if you like “plinketiploink” like Mum, sigur Ros and other within that genre you might like her sound:)

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I’m going for a short vacation in the near future before starting the final watercolor and ink drawings, any tips on must-sees in Amsterdam? I have found a cafe called “Kitch” that needs visiting, and I have chased town where the best textile markets are. Now I’m looking for restaurants and shops that are themed or have some kind of special look, and other sights that might amuse us. Found a house that is only a meter wide as well:) 

Have a good afternoon:)

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