onsdag 18. mai 2011


….One day late. But yesterday I was far too into my drawings to remember that I took these pictures for the blog.

I’m sharing office with Katapult Media and yesterday’s lunchbreak I visited them on top of Mount Fløien with some soggy celebration food. It was our national day yesterday, and they were timelapsing the crowds in the city centre.


I don’t know many countries that have as insane and tacky celebration of their national day (except USA), and it suited me fine to spend some of it far far from the crowds. Don’t get me wrong, I like celebrations, insane and tacky, but this year I was not participating in the procession like I normally do, and if you don’t, you are stuck at some sidewalk and can’t really get anywhere in the city centre while the whole thing is going on.

This week’s monster is “The Lonley Drummer” that I believe sat outside my house for the last few weeks practicing his drumming for this national day. 

lonely drumer

1 kommentar:

  1. Så søt en ensom trommis!!
    Lærer Bente ble virkelig kjempeglad for gavene, jeg måtte lage et skryteinnlegg:

    Ha en finfin dag!! Hilsen, Maratonjenta!


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