tirsdag 10. mai 2011




I use myself and my own experiences quite a lot when I draw. The red chest with costumes in it I got from my mum, and it’s now in my studio filled with costumes, just like the drawing. It’s a chest from the 50’s that she had all her stuff in on the roof of her blue Fiat 500 when she moved back from Italy. And the girls on the drawing underneath is me and my sister and our friend dressing up. We are still doing that.Smilefjes 

These drawings are from “Godnattboka” the first one I made for Skald Forlag. I’m trying to sneak in scenes and things that people can recognize in the new one I’m making too.Smilefjes som blunker

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  1. Artig å få vite at du bruker mye av deg selv og ditt eget liv når du tegner! Koselig innlegg og kjempefine bilder, som vanlig! :) Ønsker deg en nydelig vår! :)


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