mandag 12. desember 2011


This weekend the market at Schødtstuene went really well, lots of lovely customers laughing and adopting monsters:)

One of my customers this weekend were seamstress Frk Bustad who makes the most lovely dresses and blogs about it here. We have quite a few things in common, like love for the Sweetheart Neckline and this print underneath;)

We have a few ideas together for my illustrations printed on fabric, that at some point will be turned into her dresses. My biggest wish then is to order cherry drawings on fabric from Spoonflower and make the dress I've drawn here, only with a sweetheart neckline:)

This week is not as booked as last week and the next, so I'll have time to finish up some work for clients that don't have a set deadline. Can't wait to start working with this:)


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