onsdag 28. desember 2011


I went fabric shopping in Bangkok two yeas ago, at Phahurat market in Little India/Sampeng Lane. I've turned most of the goods into tote-bags and other things I've sold at markets since then.

I had three metres left of a beautiful peacock print, both in green and red, and I have been trying to figure what to turn it into.

The green print in the picture above is another kimono jacket that I bought here in Bergen actually. I use it alot and figured I'd make another one just like it with my lovely Bangkok fabrics.

I traced the jacket onto paper and cut out new pieces from the peacock print.

I got this cupcake pin cushion ring from my friend at Christmas, it works perfectly! I thought it would be annoying being stuck to my hand, but it makes working much easier.

I started the whole thing around 12 the same day, and it didn't take long actually, I guess about three hours or something. I've cut the fabric that will go in the front, and I'm estimating finishing it up will take me about two hours tomorrow. Not bad for a first timer trying to make a jacket:)

A bit of flaky nailpolish to complete the look;)

I'm going to finish it up tomorrow, can't wait to wear it:)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kan ikkje venta på å sjå den heller:)
    Du ditt mutitalent!

  2. Hej!! Roligt att du tycker om att läsa min blogg!! Jag blir alltid sjukt glad över att höra det. Jag brukar kunna svara på det mesta men just namnet på den här thailändska restaurangen minns jag tyvärr inte. Vad jag däremot kan rekommendera om du vill äta på den här sortens restaurang är att det finns flera stycken intill floden. Leta lite eller fråga någon thai om en bra och billig thairestaurang vid floden. Du hittar säkert!

    Trevlig resa kram Maria ,Fantasy dining


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