mandag 5. desember 2011


Mmkay, I'm not actually under water, but drawing the Freezing Fishymonster from Friday's post sent me into a new round of deep sea fascination. (Saturday sales went better btw, and I bought a silver crown and gained a new friend, so it was definately worth it;)

Now I'm back from work and playing around with some new imagery, listening to Agnes Obel and drinking tea.

I love getting obsessed with a theme from time to time and really explore it. This guy underneath is actually for real. More about him here.

Since we're on the subject of underwater life, The Octonauts is a children's book I bought for my neighbour's son, and today he lent it back to me so I could read it. Heheheeeee. Read the front of the book the octupus is reading:D Guess the translator had loads of fun;) I think drugs are quite sad, but I do love little traces of personality and humour in children's books and films.)

Now me and my boyfriend are going watch The Blue Planet;)

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