fredag 23. desember 2011


Today is Christmas Eve, and all presents are nicely wrapped with homemade gift tags. And I'm even going to church! Haven't done that in a while, my family aren't exactly pious, and I'm not a member of the state church anymore. But I'm all up for new things:)

I quite like tags that fit the person I'm giving the present to, so I transformed my "Rockabilly Memo" I made for a rockabilly party we had, into gift tags.

Nora Brockstedt is my mum's favorite. This album cover got voted the 6th ugliest Norwegian abum cover ever or something. Beats me. I can think of a few others that would be better canditates.

My dad did look a bit like Elvis in his youth, he'll love his tag;)

Now me and my sister are going to watch Cinderella and eat porridge.

Have a beautiful Christmas Eve my lovelies:)

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  1. God jul til deg også, Gunvor. Nå braker det straks løs her, og jeg gleder meg til å se hvordan årets mest varige gaver (de er kjøpt hos deg, ja) blit tatt imot av de halvstore og halvsmå barna mine. De ble kjempeflotte i rammer!


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