tirsdag 6. desember 2011


I keep forgetting to post the different printed jobs I do. It's because I don't want to post the drawing before it's in the print with the different publishers, and then I move on to other projects.

This sketch was made for the magazine Kamille a few weeks ago, and now the young lady is on glossy paper:)

You can still get the magazine, it's the december issue. The article is about how good it is for you to laugh, the most perfect task for me to illustrate:)

I don't tink my illustrations have ever been in glossy print, most newspapers and magazines I've worked with are eighter matte or a not-so-glossy coating. But I like it! Made the ladies a little more glam;)

I have a desk at home as well as in my studio, and here is the magazine along with my dying plants. The white outside is the snow on the roof of our neighbours, all the houses where we live have sort of meltet together.

Now back to making fanzines. The next Christmas fair is in Schødtstuene at Bryggen, and I want to finish up some more fanzines before I pack up for the market.

I want packing elves. (Thanks for the idea, Cathrine:D) This packing up and down from my studio and carrying stuff up and down from the third floor is kiiiiind of getting tiresome. But not enough yet;) I'm still going to two more markets.

Maybe I'll see some of you this weekend?:)

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  1. Så fiiiine! Eg skal rett i kiosken å raske med meg eit eksemplar glossy Gunvor. Digi! Gler meg til julemarked. Eg kjem og helsar på og kjøper.


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