fredag 2. desember 2011


Brrrrrrr! Market day in Øyrane was COLD! And wet. I drew this fish while I was there. I'm calling it "I'm Freezing To Death Becase This Tent Is Not Heated As Promised".

And sales were incredibly low! I think all the exhibitors were quite upset, we were 40 freezing sellers and no customers. But I got to know some of the others exhibitors there, and we tried to keep spirits up and laugh about he whole situation.

I feel quite sorry for the organizers, they will probably recieve quite a few emails with complaints this evening. Including fom me. But the prize for a day at this market is the highest this season, and the lowest in standard and customers.

But I was persuaded by the others to give it another shot tomorrow, even though I'm not sure I really want. I've been at so many markets over the last few years that I just don't bother and leave when there are no customers:) Better to ask for your money back and waste time on something useful.

BUT being said, I had a good time with the other sellers, and some good spirited customers cheering us long;) So I'll give it a try.

But my backdrop that I built Wednesday looked great! I'm so happy with it. It needs some more work to be solid enough to be stuffed into cars in a rush and be handled a bit, but it was made in a hurry to be ready on time. Pictures from construction here.

Hellooooo customers, where are youuu, come out, come out;)

Hopefully it will be warmer and more crowded tomorrow.

Now; Beer and Tom Waits. Only sensible way to spend an evening after being stuck in a wet tent for 11 hours;)

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  1. Vi digger tegningene dine!! Glad førjulstid til deg fra Oslo :)


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