tirsdag 27. desember 2011


.....See you next year:)

Just wanted to post some more Christmas pictures, the first one out here is winter sky at Os outside Bergen.

Christmas eve at my parents' house with my sister, aunt and uncle and my cousins. My mum love setting fancy tables. Me too:)

And since we are such traditionalists; I wore a kimono jacket. I have a national costume (three in fact) but experience tells me that it's too hot and uncomfortable on Christmas Eve. I got the umbrella the same night as a gift from a friend of mine, perfect match! We did have a visit from Santa, but those pics are on my dad's camera which I borrowed since he was gone when Santa came;)

The next day I spent time with my presents;) This is a robo-tea infuser that I got from a friend of mine that always get me spot on.

Something tells me my interests lay in the open, because I got a 4 storey baking tray and a decorator kit, hehe.

And wooly things that doesn't itch! I love wooly things, specially the silk woven ones. I panic from itchy wool. Some of the more observant readers might question the baby cap, it's just my mum being desperate for grand-children and wants me to get started, by giving me subtle hints like this one;)

Haha, and I got a device to make square eggs:D Things I didn't know I wanted:D

In the middle of the picture above is the best present EVER:D My boyfriend got me a wand! Hahahahahaaaaaa! It controls my tv! It's a remote control for anything with infa red! Imagine doing presentations with it haha:D It has 13 different commands or movements you have to "teach" it. For now I'm only using it for the volume, channels, pause and on/off on the decoder and tv, but I'm going to hook it up to the stereo in my kitchen as well.

From three remotes to one SUPERB one that lets you pretend you are a wizard. I keep jumping around the living room waving the wand and switching things on and off:)

Now I want to watch Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

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