fredag 29. april 2011



Things have really speeded up with “The Book of Comfort” which I'm illustrating. When I have pressing deadlines I work so much better, of course not if they are TOO pressing, but this time I set many small deadlines for myself rather than bigger ones further apart. It worksSmilefjes




The sketching doesn’t get “prettier”, actually they look worse than the ones I made in the beginning. But it’s better to get many ideas onto paper rather than working throughly with one story and then there is no more time for the rest. And since I’m illustrating about 20 stories for this book I need to be really structured about the deadlines. Because other people is depending on me too, my editor and the graphic designer, and the date for printing is already booked and we will be put at the back of the printing queue if we fail to deliver. But I like working with strict deadlines. I get much more work done.Smilefjes


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