torsdag 2. juni 2011



These are the last of the sketches I made for “Trøysteboka”. Tonight we are having a meeting were we’re going through the pdf for the book, (and hopefully land the full design) and then I can start drawing out the originals. Still, there will probably be a few tweaks along the way since all the sketches aren’t very detailed, and we will probably have some new ideas here and there as well.
01jun_storyboard_oppslag3b 01jun_storyboard_intro2  01jun_story_oppslag3 1306955883208

It was good to have a vacation between the two stages of the book, I was getting really slow and didn’t have as many good ideas while sketching for the last five or six stories. But my two great collegaues, the editor and graphic designer, had some great creative input for them.

I love working in teams when it works out as well as this!:)

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