onsdag 22. juni 2011


This guy here is the reason for my trouble. Him and hos crew is tearing my office building apart with a jackhammer. Actually he was quite nice, guess you have to be when you ge to drive a tiny tractor in the centre of Bergen. Reminded me of The Straight Story.  (Wonderful film and soundtrack, must be seen.)

We photographed the fumes and dust coming up through the floorboards from the machines downstairs today, and sent it to our landlord. He probably has enough trouble as it is with all the workers suddenly occupying a whole building ment to be a tourist attraction, but we don’t know what to do when we can’t use the office. So I went home instead.
It isn’t all that bad working from home though, the lunch/dinner is slightly healthier, and certainly more interesting. Even the picture smells of garlic and blue cheese. But this far into a project I need my office. *Sigh.*
Tomorrow I’m going in after the workers have left, to paint the watercolors on to todays inking, and scan and photoshop the ones I painted yesterday.
The good thing was that today I was supposed to draw trees for different stories, and from my veranda I had quite a few live “models”Smilefjes

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