tirsdag 7. juni 2011


Houston, we have a tiny problem. First I discovered I needed a A3 scanner, a really GOOD one, and went and bought that. Now I have no more money, those things are EXPENSIVE. But it’s like a singer withouht a good mic. And I realize I will never be done in time at this pace. I have used 4 or 5 days to get this far with one story, and have to deliver at least seven by next Thursday.

Solution! Work faster. Faster for me means giving up on the details and let go. I can’t draw faster, I just have to not dwell to much with one drawing; “Should I do this or that”. Or if something doesn’t work, draw it in a different way or with another approach rather than dwelling on something that I want so much to work, but doesn’t.

It feels like I’m a well known situation. “We didn’t have enough time/funding to make it as fantastic as we wanted it.” I still want it to look great, but I think I can manage to let go a little bit more on the perfection. I told the others at the office today that this final stage with inking feels like running a marathon with tiny tiny mouse-steps. Tomorrow I’m advancing to lemur maybe. Without delivering something that I’m not happy with.


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