mandag 13. juni 2011


Yesterday me and some friends drank watermelon drinks from coconut cups and watched Pirates of the Caribbean; “Why is the rhum gone!?” We have decided that when I finish the book we are going to celebrate with transforming our veranda into a ship and have a pirate party.

Since today was a national holiday, and us self employed people are not aware of that, we had a meeting about the book we’re making. My office is in the yellow building.
A bit of photoshopping on the white polkadots there.
Salmon lunch while having a tan in the foaje.

A bit of candy to keep me going though this 11 hour workday, drawing fantasy houses filled with African flora.

I’m not staying this late tomorrowSmilefjes But it was good with an intense work session, but I have to be strict and leave at 17 from now.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Åhh..smågodt. Kjenner at nå må jeg gå hjem fra jobb, ja. Her er det lite smågodt å oppdrive.

    Drinken så forresten også kanongod ut;)

  2. Vannmelon, knust is, rum, litt sukker og masse lime:) Jepp, hadde lov til snop siden jeg skulle være der i så mange timer. Og så hadde de skum-jungeldyrene så fine farger:)


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