mandag 20. juni 2011


Drawing proper fantasy is something I haven’t done for ages. Fantasy as in elves, woodland, tacky as hell explisit imagery that I secretly think is good fun. But yesterday my tacky fantasydrawing had a revivial with me. I LOVED IT. A group had arranged Dr. Sketchy at Garage. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is a concept for drawing croquis the fun way, with different themes and costumes, good music and beer. Much better than art school. I started counting and figured it was about 10 - 12 years since I have drawn fantasy imagery not the cute children’s book way, but the whole lot with boobs, wings and weapons. And my skills had seriously rusted. I’m so used to draw the way I do now that I didn’t know how to draw from real life, I only draw what is in my head. So I kept drawing my figures from the poses the models did, but after a few rounds I started adding meat to their bones, and I realize I have some cathing up to do.  

The model is actually holding a rake here:D

Ha ha, loved the idea for a drawing contest: “Best incorporation of pink elephant in explisit imagery.”

And again, since I hate drawing men, I kept using Kif from Futurama as a stand in.
Trying to add some meat to them bones.
I recommend participating next time round, it was so much better atmosphere drawing from life with good music and beer, and with clapping and cheering the burlesk themed models on stage:)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Åå, dette husker jeg fra Edinburgh!! (Lignende stillinger og gitt..) Det var så kjekt, skulle ønske de hadde sånn her og... Kanskje jeg får arrangere det;)

    Takk for bestilling forresten, jeg skal gi beskjed når den er på vei:)

    Husker du forresten du snakka om en bloggebok når vi var i Oslo, hva het den igjen?

  2. Dæsken, ser + høres ut som om du hadde det veldig hyggelig på Garage.
    Har ikke tegnet kroki på 10 år, så jeg tror jeg er temmelig rusten...



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