mandag 27. juni 2011



This is a tree-man from one of the stories for Trøysteboka that is soon half way to the printers. I won’t meet the deadline 1st of July, but close enough.

The brush is a japanese calligraphy brush, and when I discovered it by accident (got it from my mother in law that thought it was just a normal brush) I was THRILLED! It might look to large and clumsy for fine details, but this brush is the best discovery ever. The tip goes back into the finest point after a stroke, and that makes it valuable in my book.

It’s extremely soft and works with watercolor in an organic and beautiful way, you don’t ever see hard brushstrokes. (If that is sometning you are trying to avoid on a certain motive.) And when I work on a motive that needs the same stroke and color but goes from large to tinytinytiny details it saves me from the meeting brushstrokes that usually annoys me if I have to change brushes. I was actually surprised over how steady it was to use, I was expecting to mess up the test sheet because of the bulky soft tip. It took a while to get used to though, because it was so different from normal watercolor brushes, but it was worth itSmilefjes 

I’m not sure what hairs the tip is made from, but it’s supposed to be goat. (A black, very soft goat apparently. Guess it’s dyed.)

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