onsdag 1. juni 2011



This Monday I went to a textile market in Westerstraat in Amsterdam. The market was not a “proper” textile market, mostly it was imported clothes, but one stall had these wonderful printed cottons. If you’re planning on visiting, mark that it’s only open Mondays from 09 til 13. Get there early, it was crammed with people by 11.  Oh, and bring cash, the cashpoints there had the longest queues ever haha, now the lesson is learnedSmilefjes som blunker.

It’s originally a flea market, had a few lovely furniture stalls, but mostly it was second hand (and "new” lookalike secondhand clothes priced way too high). But still very much worth a visit just for looking at all the strange things people sold. And to sit in the sun eating apple cake at the big corner café in the crossing of the flea- and textile market.


These frames are plastic and were bought at Xenos (equvalent of “Nille” in Norway) in Warmoestraat for 2 euros each. I’m SO displaying my “Champage Ladies” in these! The Chinese Lanterns are from a Chinese supermarket in Zeedijk.

The postcards are from everywhere in strange shops in Amsterdam. The sad and beautiful bird on this one is from (something)- Centraal in Haarlemmerstraat. (I can’t read my own writing here.) Very good design-shop filled with everything from cupcake cookbooks to retro cutlery, fun baby-clothing and all things colourful.



I loved the Hawaiian print cotton on the picture, and it’s now hanging as a curtain infront of the door to our balcony at home. That suddenly turned into Hawaiian corner with the flamingo postcard and all hahaSmilefjes.

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