lørdag 4. juni 2011


At Bryggen in Bergen where my office is there are several different offices like mine, plus several studios and ateliers. When it’s sunny we use Sakristiet Cafe as our lunchroom:) Like today. There was a opening of a new design shop here yesterday evening so work started a bit late today, and I can’t really consentrate because I actually just want to be outside in the sun continuing chatting:)

I have alot of different bows, buttons, pearls and jewellery equipement, so for a market I’m attending I’ve made some kits that I finished up today to try and sell. It’s really hard to part with all the lovelyness, but I still have some left for Gunvor R Husgeråd:)
Test-rig for the market to see that I have have everything, and that everything is priced and looks great:)

Now I’m going to draw some trees for Trøysteboka:)

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