tirsdag 21. juni 2011


They are fixing up the building my office is located in. I love the sound of masonry drills in the morning. Especially when my desk is shaking from the vibrations they make, and at the same time Idol is having their auditions just outside. The last few days have been intense. Mosonry drills, Beoynce-wannabies and singer/songwriters wailing outside, and 19 og 21 folders in my Dropbox mysteriously disappeared. I should be curled up in a corner sucking my thumb by now, but actually the whole situation is so insane that I can’t help but laugh about the whole thing.

But I did have a moment earlier today, after I had spoke to the masonry drill-man on his little tractor telling me they would be drilling for a few months, that I wanted to buy some planetickets to somewhere very remote. And typed in “loneliest place on earth” in google and found this. But I don’t want to go to Antarctica, maybe just a tiny trip to the Seychelles. Nothing to expensive. Just a quick visit to the same nice hotel the Prince William and his lovely Duchess of Cambridge went to on their honeymoon.

I ended up channeled my frustration in a drawing. Here is the Weekly Monster:) Quite disturbing actually this one.

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