søndag 10. april 2011



BAJAZZ is a music festival at Verftet in Bergen directed towards kids and their parents. This weekend I held a monster-drawing course there .  We drew things like: ”Monster-zombie-cat”, “Ninja-Kool-Sensei- monster” and “Pink-Prinscess-monster”.


I loved the one above, with the kozy looking vampire with coffin and all. And a bowtie.


I liked what the table looked like after they had left too, it shows so much activity! Some of the parents joined in, I was very happy about that, when they don’t have the problem that they have to be good at everything they do. Just DO. And I met parents that earlier had bought drawings from me, one guy owned the monster I had drawn that is a blue little guy with a backpack saying “I’m going to Texas, mama”. It’s nice to meet the people that have bought drawings from me on the net, feels like they adopt them. It’s good to know they are in homes where they are loved hahaSmilefjes med åpen munn

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  1. Så artig! :) Jeg vil også gå monstertegnekurs! :) Vet aldri når en får bruk for noe slikt! ;) Gleder meg til å følge bloggen din! Ha en fin dag! :)

  2. Jeg skal si ifra her neste gang jeg skal ha kurs:) var meningen at både voksne og barn skulle delta men det var bare barn denne gang. Så du er hjertelig velkommen!


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