søndag 3. april 2011



Next week I’m participating in an event where I'm promoting my “Champagne Ladies” (in Norwegian) by dressing up as Marie Antoinette, getting high on sugar and champagne. While drawing sitting a pink rococo sofa.


So today me and a friend went to several flee-markets to look for props. And we found so much hideous stuff that we could use! That bunny is seriously grotesque, I want to make it into a headpiece. That lace-thing is actully a….. bog roll holder. Yep. The black oval frames I bought to use for my illustrations, and afterwards I sort of “discovered” what was actually on them.


Now I’m doing some sketches that needs to be delivered for review soon, while at the same time baking light blue macarons. I’ll probably be baking a lot more this week, I’m planning to overdo things for the event. Overdo as in drowning the place in pastel cooking.

The last few orders I’ve had on illustrations from private customers have actually been related to eighter chocolate, baking or cupcakes, I think I see a pattern emerging.  I’m finishing up one this evening that is for a woman that loves dancing and baking, and wanted me to incoorporate those things in an illustration. I said I didn’t think that would be a problem for meSmilefjes som blunker

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