onsdag 27. april 2011



Today was a very good day at the office. We opened the “veranda” door and let the sun in, and I had visits from some of my lovely clients:) It’s sooo good to have visits when the sun is shining and it’s all ice cream and peachy and we can sit on the pink sofa and chat. Thanks for today’s sales Marthe and Kristin (and Terje for bringing me fårepølse), you have now funded my evil scheme for world domination;)

I have handed in most of the sketches that were due today, but I’ll stay here a few more hours still. Want to do just one tiny little thing more, and then one more, and then just one more I have to fix just give me two sec, and THEN I go home to drink cappucino on my balcony and watch last episode of Pillars Of The Earth with my boyfriend. Have a great Wednesday:)

3 kommentarer:

  1. "You have now funded my evil scheme for world domination" - hehe! :D Elsker idéen med "ukens monster"! Får lyst til å begynne å tegne monstre jeg og! :)

  2. Bra det smitter:D Sånt liker vi!

  3. Er så dårlig på å tegne, tror jeg får satse på å adoptere et av dine monstre i steden for! :)


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