onsdag 13. april 2011



……or, “Living out our inner princesses.”Smilefjes som blunker






On Monday me and my friend Kristin dressed up as lace covered Versailles girls, drinking champagne and eating macrones, cupckakes and other homemade goodies. All in the name of art. Well, as a promotion for “The Book of Champagne” that I’m publishing on Skald Forlag in 2012.

The whole evening was dedicated to the theme “HOME”, and had different performance artists, dancers, painters and comic artists performing and having fun at KNIPSU. Kristin and me were placed on stage, which was a bit embarrasing, because that ment that the whole audience was watching us all the time as well as the performers haha! And we were just sitting there having a chat. The whole point was that we wanted to engage people in conversation “in our home” and maybe derive som quotes for my book from that, but I think maybe the fact that we were on stage may have scared some souls offSmilefjes som blunker

This is probably the last costume/baking-stunt I’m doing in a while, because now I have started the work for the new book in the series with “Eventyrboka” and “Godnattboka”. Deadline is July 1st, and suddenly that was not very far away. The bookstore Nordli has asked me to do  drawing/costume stunt in their windows at Torgalmenningen at some point, but maybe that’ll have to wait for autumn or later.

But it was so much FUN dressing up! I felt a bit like a cake-princess or something. …..Only our chariot turned into a Skoda, not a pumpkin. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ohh hej jag hittade hit precis... Vad fina grejjer du gör, och vad fina klänningar du har på dig ^^. Kul att du följer min blogg, extra kul att du kommer här uppifrån Scandinavien. Jag kommer att titta in igen.

    Ha det fint ♥
    Hawaii Kawaii

  2. Hi hi! Så morsom måte å promotere en bok på!! ;)


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