lørdag 2. april 2011


Every Thursday we (Hummer & Kanari) teach the hopeful youth creative stuff at Fana Kulturhus. They are so talented! This week we taught them how to sew tote-bags. The girl on the bag I drew by hand with textile markers and paint. Good fun.


The color combination here reminds me so much of summer and ice cream. I’m redoing my webpage for the moment, maybe I’ll use this as a palette.


I’m a bit obsessed with color, and I have tons of pictures that only makes sense to me alone: “WHY are you photographing details of that bike/ice-cream/leaf/pile of rubbish??” But I find it very useful to stock up on imagery that show unusual and fun mixes of colour. I have learned to be more bold when I use watercolor because of this.

2 kommentarer:

  1. elsker. den. vesken.
    Den med jenta på. Helt nydelig!!! Super idé å tegne på vesker, forresten!

  2. Jeg har så lyst å lage en serie med de veskene, men så er det så masse annet jeg gjør som er like gøy, så de får stå på vent litt til:) legger ut når jeg tar tak i dem igjen!


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