torsdag 21. april 2011


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I see I never really mention when I get orders for “special made - just for you”;) I have a few clients that are returning customers when someone’s bithday is coming up, or their mum turns 60 or as a good bye present to good collegaues. I guess I never post them bacause when I make them I can’t publish in fear the birthday boy/girl will recognize “themselves” in what I draw and write. The picture with math and writing on it was an order from Maratonjenta a few weeks ago. She wanted a picture that conveyed her co-workers good mood and lively personality, and a setting that shows her at work.

The leaf-covered image was an order from a lady that wanted a picture of her and a friend enjoying life in a garden while eating apples. It’s good fun to make drawings from settings and personality rather than making portraits. I love to push someone “look” a little further, usually I ask what style the person wants to be rather than what they are. There is often an inner polkadot-queen wanting to come out.

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