fredag 15. april 2011




One of the stories I’m working on for the moment is about a skinny boy and a fat boy learning new food habits from eachother. I didn’t want the fat boy to be portrayed as a lazy spoiled brat, but rather a happy bouncy boy in good spirit about the world and the people in it. I have based the jolly ballon-boy on a friend of mine, don’t know if I should tell him or not. We’ll see how the character developes. The skinny boy has a nerdy role-player look for now, but I want him to be more science-boy rather than hopeless nerd. And make his arms and legs bendy so that he always looks as if he is about to bounce off in some direction. I hope this roundness/bouncyness idea can work on both characters for this story.

Another story is about a girl who has lost her cat and her whole world has been unfair to her. I guess the moral in the story is that “life goes on” and you can’t get stuck in anger because it will only consume you. This girl I want to look a bit spoiled, and sour as only small girls can be, then change during the story and become a bit “rounder”.


Oooooh, and I’m making a fantasy-bird as well, and the first idea I had was to base her on an Indian fairy-tale princess, with all he red and gold and lush fabric I can imagine. But first I have to learn how to draw birds. And study anatomy of flight and feathers, and all the details around different birds to find some species I want to work from. The top left is a duck (that looked like Johnny Rotten) I saw in a bird-book in my parents house. 


First spread of the final storyboard for one of the stories for “Trøysteboka”. I love doing research and sketching. But I have to have a firm schedule so that I won’t get lost in all the sketches but actually produce the final images within the timeline of this book-project. Iiiiik!Smilefjes There is so much I want to DO!

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