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In March I was in Oslo for Grafills Illustration seminar, and during my stay I went to see a monster-exhibition at the Natural history Museum; “Animals You Wish Didn’t Exisit”. This weekend I went back to Oslo with my boyfriend to have a short vacation and visit a friend of ours (and show them the DDSØIF monsters) before my life fully is wrapped around the book I’m making,

I was supposed to blog while I was there, I brought with me my laptop and had prepared some posts in case I didn’t have time to write. But then my little laptop refused to change IP adress when I was there, it simply didnt’t want to leave Bergen or something. So it didn’t allow me to use the net. And on my phone BloggerDroid wouldn’t let me change the size of the images, and that would screw up the layout, and we want none of that. But now I’m back at the office and little pink laptop is warm and cozy in it’s regular home and allows me to use the net.

The exhibition of “Animals You Wish Didn’t Exisit” has proved so popular that they first extended the show until April, and now I hear they are keeping it until August.
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The exhibition is displaying monsters and creatures from Jo Nesbø’s childrens books about Dr Proctor and his “Animals You Wish Didn’t Exist”. The animals exhibited are bautifully made with silicone, plaster and silk, and I love the fact that an exhibition made for kids is so worked through and detailed. The graphic work with the displays and the whole setting is just stunning.

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1299409443601  1299409596719

If you get the chance I recommend a visit! I’m in proper monster-mode now:)

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