tirsdag 19. april 2011


I have earlier mentioned that I’m doing fashion studies of Boardwalk Empire, a series I’m watching mostly because of the costumes. It’s the same costume designer as in Mad Men, no wonder I like it. The costume designer John Dunn loves doing period costume design, and mentiones in the video underneath that he loves doing the research and emersing himself in a period of fashion history.


I love doing costume design and costume research, and for the stories I’m illustrating now I’m doing research in the same way as I would if I was making a garment or costume in real life. I think the stories get a deeper probability if you have done proper research for what you are doing. Not nessesarily to copy everything from a certain period, but base the story on a style or merging two or three that lies far away from eachother in history is also good fun and can bring a new dimension to the story told.

John Dunn

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