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I’m working on 15 different stories at the same time now, and I’m in the concept and sketching base for 7 of them to be delivered to my editor on Wednesday. The sketches today are from a story about a boy that wants his family to stay together even if Dad has been naughty and kissed a woman that wasn’t Mum.

I didn’t want to make the opposing culprit the stereotypical temptress with red dress and blonde hair, or the suffering Mum grey and sensible. But make them equals and both attractive and beautiful in their own style, so that you don’t get a moral in the story that all beautiful women are evil and and all mum’s turn into beige librarians when they have kids. The other woman is not a big part of the visual storytelling, but she is the main reason why things are bad, so I thought I should include her.

cherry blossom

I’m still working on the color scheme for the story, I want the kitchen the story unfolds in to have a kind of mustard yellow wallpaper and mid century modern/ Tiki-style, wich at the end of the story gets even warmer and more cozy and make their home really blossom with hula/luau warmth and happiness, even if things aren’t perfect.



I haven’t started drawing Dad yet, but my idea for him is that he is something in between rockabilly/psychobilly and a Chicago-gangster without “criminalizing” him. Suspenders and black and white shoes and black hair, and looking a bit sad and insecure but tryng to cheer things up. I’m really shit at drawing men, this may take some time….

So then I’m doing something more fun, playing around with Mum’s dress.


(These patterns and colours are only as inspiration, when I finally draw them out I use watercolor.)

I love playing around like this, sketching and listening to Johnny Burnette (important to set the mood for each story with music) and it’s much easier to decide what to go for when I have detailed sketches like this. Yum yum.

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  1. Heisann!
    Sidan du jobbar med så mangen ulike forteljingar og sa at du prøvde å ha litt ulike settingar på teikningane. Så tenkte eg på ein setting:
    Kva med at alle gjekk i ulike dyrekostyme, som om det var heilt vanleg. Inspirasjon frå Max i "til huttetuenes land"? Bare eit forslag naturlegvis. Det hadde passa så godt til utrykket ditt:)


  2. Oioioi! De stoffene du har brukt til skissene dine var superfine! Hvor er de fra?
    Hawaiifesten ble en suksess, og jeg vil ha flere hawaiikjoler!


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