lørdag 9. april 2011


These pictures are from friday finishing up the petticoat I was planning to make. My mum is educated as a costume designer, so she is a great support on all my sewing escapades. If she hadn’t helped me finishing up he details on the dress I would probably be up all night tomorrow sewing.

We covered the place in tuille and lace while making the petticoat, and we asked Katapult Media to photograph us while working, because we “realized” we were working in a pink office and had just drowned the place in everything girly.


Today I taught kids to draw monsters at BAJAZZ, but it was so hectic and fun I didn’t have time to take pictures. I was exhausted afterwards, there were so many that wanted to join in on the monster-group! But I loved itSmilefjes Kids are so much fun to work with when it comes to ideas. I actually just read that some of the artwork from UP is based on the drawings of a little girl, not a grown up trying to draw like a child. Ha ha! They are SO thorough at Pixar.

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